MEMEMIMI (2008-2013)

In this series, I used a Polaroid camera. I cut text into the surface of the Polaroid. Most of the pictures I take look ambiguous and vague because of intentional overexposure; however, marks cut from the photographs look paradoxically strong and painful. Also, I try to express abstraction in my work. Before fixing the image on the surface of Polaroid, during the developing process, I usually alter the surface: bending, shaking or scratching a knife against the surface, so the emulsion under the surface spreads. I focus more on my actions during developing rather than the results of the image. My abstraction coexists with the real images I took as a photographer.

Hello, stranger 2007
Ability to love 2 2008
2.윤미미: Bitter Seoul ,Polaorid 600, 8.8*10.8cm 2007
6. 윤미미 :Ability to Love, Polaroid 600, 8.8*10.8cm 2008 복사
22 bling bling
 my dream your dream dreams dream 2007
 panda has a dream
Fragile 2007
pricks you 2007
7. 윤미미 :Seek and seek, polaroid 600, 8.8*10.8 cm 2008
5.윤미미: Life is sailing ,2009
2.Your own black hole 2013
 Night walking
6.where is this all going 2010
19 As it is
5 Deep inside
feel seek
 Dont think too much 2008
Seek and Seek 2008
29 Day and night
we are fine
Struggling 2008
Your vacation 1
Where is my sweet home 2008
On the edge
Get me out of here 2007
In my dream 2008
Fake tree
7 tiny pieces